Max Ruffo, Founder & CEO, TerabeeMax Ruffo, Founder & CEO

Today, sensor technology has advanced to such an extent that a few decades ago, the current capabilities would have been considered nothing more than sci-fi movie concepts. The ubiquity of intelligent sensors is growing, as there are significant cost savings and new business opportunities that arise from the capability of transforming real world physical data into actionable digital data. At the same time, IoT applications, especially for Industry 4.0 are also witnessing a meteoric rise owing to their ability to monitor diverse processes. Particularly in the realm of control and monitoring process automation, the development of intelligent sensors is key to notify users and the IT systems and trigger alarms in case of incidents, digitally transforming work environments to be more efficient and safer.

Terabee has pioneered its lean sensing approach to solving complex technical challenges. Instead of deploying traditional 3D LiDAR sensors, which require higher computational power and AI algorithms to efficiently process the gathered data, Terabee proposes a more affordable alternative, comprised of sensor arrays. These systems offer many benefits to customers where, for an equivalent price, more sensors, hence more redundancy, can be achieved with less computing power and energy consumption. “We deliver intelligent 3D sensors that are less complex, more affordable, and easy to implement,” says Max Ruffo, founder and CEO of Terabee.

Founded in 2012, Terabee initially forayed into the visual inspection market as a drone manufacturer.

The company’s 3D sensors are renowned for their anti-collision and positioning (both relative and absolute) capabilities in the IT, mobile robotics, and IoT space

Subsequently, Terabee recognised the limitations of using conventional sensors for indoor inspection and capitalised on the void in the market for sensors with the best performance to weight, size and cost ratio. Presently, Terabee presents an extensive catalog of sensing solutions that comprise 3D depth cameras, based on innovative time-of-flight (ToF) technology, F infrared LED ToF distance sensors, and small-size thermographic cameras. One of Terabee’s more recent and advanced products is Terabee IND-TOF-1, an industrial grade distance measurement sensor, which offers teach-in buttons, 6 operating modes, RS485 communication, and a rugged IP65 enclosure for tough operation environments.

Dedicated to innovation, Terabee constantly strives to bolster the functionalities of its entire portfolio to serve a diverse range of industries. The company’s 2D and 3D sensors are renowned for their anti-collision and positioning (both relative and absolute) capabilities in the mobile robotics, and IoT space. Terabee’s impressive clientele includes industry giants like Airbus, World Bank, and ABB, along with prestigious research labs and universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and MIT.

Terabee sells sensor evaluation kits, enabling customers to enjoy the modularity and ease of use of its technology. The evaluation kits are ideal for fast prototyping and proof of concept projects before engaging in OEM and sensor integration endeavours. “The key to our success is our application team, comprised of skilled engineers that are capable of solving complex sensing problems for key industrial players. We use our technology and know-how to build innovative and efficient sensing systems,” states Max Ruffo.

Terabee’s success across a diverse range of clients can be attributed to its creative problem-solving ability, which leads to the development of powerful, yet simple solutions. Currently, Terabee has plans to launch new solutions made of IoT devices and software solutions that can be cloud-based or installed on-premises.

From a geographical standpoint, the company is operating on an international scale, catering to Asian, European and North American markets by actively seeking out partners, such as system integrators, that understand sensor technology and have the ability to implement sensing systems for a variety of applications.

Moving forward, Max Ruffo believes that his company is poised to become a world leader in delivering sensing technology enabling next generation industrial and IoT applications, “delivering simplicity and value through innovation.”

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